Education & Inspiration

Parents that strive to create school readiness apps that are fun, educational, and inspiring.

Our children beta test each app for pass fail.

The Key Features of our Learning Series apps are:

– Photo-realistic environments that children can connect with to help scaffold concepts to new settings

– Beautiful child narration, upbeat music, and immersive environmental sound effects

– List Common Core alignment where applicable on iTunes, our website, and inside of our apps

– Offer instructions for some aspects of our apps

– Helps children’s social emotional skills development with examples that will help children self-regulate in social settings in their own environments

Know What's Insideparentbanner

Holt Smith takes children’s privacy very seriously. Our child safe apps:

– Do not contain ads

– Do not contain in-app purchases

– Do not use analytics / data collection tools

– Do not collect performance information

– Do not collect Personal Data (Audio, Photo, Video or Metadata)

– Do not collect GPS location

– Do not Push Notifications

– Do not share any information with 3rd party groups

– Do not link outside of the app

– Do not link to the Internet or social media (Twitter, Facebook)